• BLP1顶部导向单座调节阀

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           BLP1单座调节阀阀芯采用上导结构,阀体结构紧凑,流体通道呈S型,具有压降损失小,流量大,可调范围广,流量特性精度高,符合IEC534-2-1976标准。调节阀泄漏量符合ANSI B16.104标准。调节阀配用多弹簧薄膜或气缸执行机构,其结构紧凑,输出力大。


          BLP1 Single seated Control Valve with a top-guided valve plug, a compact valve body and an S-shape flow passage which features low pressure loss, large flow capacity, wide rangeability and high accuracy flow characteristics. The design complies with the IEC534-2-1976 standards and the leakage complies with the ANSI B16.104 standards. The compact size and large output force are available when the control valve is combined with multi-spring diaphragm actuator or cylinder actuator.

          BLP1 control valve is more suitable for high temperature, low temperature and low pressure dro applications that require reliability and high on-off performance.

    This product complies with the GB/T4213-2008 standards.