• BLO3三通O型球阀

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    BLO3 three way type O ball valve is designed according to international universal standard, its standard plug includes L-pattern three way double port and T-pattern three way type. Change the relative angle between the plug and pipeline, the different combination control of fluid in three branch pipes can be available. T-port can connect three orthogonal pipelines with each other or connect two pipelines of them but cut off another. L-port can only connect two orthogonal pipelines or change direction, that means, T-port plays a diverging and converging role and L-port act as distribution function. The valve chooses high reliability for international extensive use such asHT and AW series actuator or DCL electric actuator. The features such as compact construction, light weight, small volume, convenient maintenance, unimpeded flow passage, low flow resistance, perfect sealing and low leakage of the valve shall applicable for controlling high viscosity medium with fiber and granule.